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How It Works

Thanks for expressing your interest in becoming an online tutor at . Begin a fulfilling career with by following these easy steps:

1. Fill in the registration form

Here, you should provide us with your accurate personal information. Please do not take this process for granted as it may affect how easily managers can contact you. It would not hurt to double check before moving on to the next application step.

2. Choose subjects to tutor in

Our courses for tutoring are classified into five broad subjects: business, computer science, math, science, and languages. We offer our prospective tutors a wide range of subjects to choose from. Mostly, our clients are students from colleges and universities around the world who require assistance in these subjects. Feel free to choose which specialization you would render tutoring services on. If you have not found the subject you would like to teach, please don't hesitate to fill in additional field in the application form.

3. Fill in your professional information

We put a prime on those who have had prior experience of tutoring students. However, if you are a fresh graduate, do not be discouraged. We employ only the best, and if you pass our exams, you could start racking up on experience with us. Please mind that if you don't fill in this field, your application will not be considered.

4. Pass the exam

Of course, we need to gauge our prospective tutors' knowledge on their chosen subjects before they are deemed ready to take on tutoring jobs. Assisting students in their academics is not a job for anyone, so those who would be given that privilege and responsibility should be chosen carefully.

5. Start tutoring

After you have completed the first three steps, give us some time to evaluate your application. Do not worry, though - we would not leave you hanging as with the status of your application. Just give us reasonable time to assess whether you are capable of holding a freelance tutoring job. If you do get accepted, which we sincerely wish for, you can take and held lessons.

6. Get money for your work

We generally pay our tutors $5 per hour. However, if a customer is very satisfied with the lesson, you get 20% bonus for good job. We pay tutors bi-monthly. Money earned during the first up to the 15th day of a month is paid in two weeks' time or first to third day of the next month. Money earned during the 16th up to the 31st of a month is paid on the 15th to the 17th day of the next month. You can choose to receive your payment through PayPal, wire transfer, or Moneybookers.

It takes some time for our managers to review your applications so you should wait some time before you are given an exam.

See, starting an online tutoring career has never been this easy! The filling of the registration form is absolutely free!

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